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  • Committee
    •  Ralph G. Brindis, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.C.
      Oakland Kaiser Medical Center
    •  Andrew B. Bindman, M.D.
      Professor of Medicine
      University of California, San Francisco
    •  Cheryl Damberg, Ph.D.
      Senior Policy Researcher
    •  Gordon L. Fung, M.D., MPH, Ph.D.
      Health Sciences Clinical Professor
      UCSF School of Medicine
    •  Hon S. Lee, M.D.
      Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
      The Permanente Medical Group
    •  James MacMillan, M.D.
      Thoracic Surgery
      Valley Heart Surgeons
    •  Rita F. Redberg, M.D.
      Division of Cardiology
      University of California, San Francisco
    •  Richard J. Shemin, M.D.
      Cardiothoracic Surgery
      Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
    •  J. Nilas Young, M.D.
      Division of Cardiac Surgery
      University of California, Davis Medical Center
  • Public Meetings
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