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We are consistently improving our processes to ensure efficiency in filing protocols.  Your feedback is important to us.  For your convenience, we have added a link to the survey on the Researcher Dashboard within Cal Protects and on emails generated by Cal Protects.   Please take a moment to complete the survey.   For additional information, please contact the CPHS mainline at (916) 326-3660 or by email:


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I. Basic Information

CPHS Purview

CPHS is the institutional review board (IRB) for all of the departments under the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHSA). See Instructions, page 8 for a list of departments under CHHSA. CPHS is also the IRB required to review all research-related requests for state personal information from the University of California and non-profit educational institutions. CPHS must also approve research requests for Death Data from the California Department of Public Health.

CPHS Protocol Submissions

CPHS has implemented an electronic protocol submission and approval system, California PROTocol Electronic Communication and Tracking System (CalPROTECTS). View the CalPROTECTS user guide for technical information and screen shots about registering for and utilizing this system. The Instructions for Researchers, offers program requirements to assist with determining the type of submission required.

CPHS Review Process

Depending on the type of research being executed, review may be conducted at a convened meeting of CPHS or completed on an expedited basis. Expedited reviews may have one to three reviewers. Most projects that have any contact with human subjects, such as a survey or collection of specimens, must be initially approved at a convened meeting. If they are deemed to be minimal risk, all subsequent reviews may be done on an expedited basis. All data-only projects are approved on an expedited basis.

CPHS Meetings

CPHS meetings are held on the first Friday of even-numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, and December) from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Meetings are held in Sacramento at 400 R Street, Room 300, Sacramento, CA. The schedule and location of upcoming meetings and the agendas for those meetings are available on OSHPD's Public Meeting page. Researchers are encouraged to appear in person, but may attend by telephone if arrangements are made in advance with the CPHS Administrator. All meetings are open to the public and conducted in compliance with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.

CPHS Members

The 13 CPHS members are volunteers who are appointed by the Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHSA). Members are chosen for their expertise in differing fields of research and abilities to represent and understand the needs of diverse research subjects, particularly those who may be vulnerable due to factors such as age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, or medical conditions. Detailed information about current CPHS members is available on the CPHS Members page.

Contact CPHS

400 R Street, Suite 359
Sacramento, CA 95811.6213
(916) 326-3660 (voice)
(916) 322-2512 (fax)
Page last revised: June 17, 2015