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"The delivery of health care services in this State is characterized by the paradox of impressive medical technology capable of dramatic achievements, accompanied by gaps in availability of basic primary health care services to many people. Although non-medical factors such as the environment, diet and lifestyles have more long run impact on health than medical care, most of our health resources are devoted to medical care."

The observation above was included in the preface to the first California State Health Plan adopted over 30 years ago. In many ways it continues to apply today although the production of state health plans ceased in the mid-80s.

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) originated in the '70s as a component of the State Department of Health. It was separated from the Department during the creation of the California Health and Welfare Agency shortly before the adoption of the 1980 State Health Plan.

OSHPD continues serving California today by promoting healthcare accessibility through leadership in analyzing California's healthcare infrastructure, promoting a diverse and competent healthcare workforce, providing information about healthcare outcomes, assuring the safety of buildings used in providing healthcare, insuring loans to encourage the development of healthcare facilities, and facilitating development of sustained capacity for communities to address local healthcare issues.

Since 1980 there have been many changes in the health care system in California including the inception of the Medi-Cal Selective Provider Contracting Program in 1982 through which the State continues to negotiate with hospitals to provide inpatient services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries; the expansion of managed care in California beginning around 1983; and the end of the certificate of need requirement in 1987 - a program initiated in the mid-70s to control health care costs by limiting the increase of medical facilities and services.

OSHPD is providing an electronic copy of the 1980 California State Health Plan for those interested in some historical perspective on the evolution of the health care delivery system in California. Also included is a copy of a related document - the Plan Development Manual and Statewide Policies. This document set forth the guidelines to be used by Health Systems Agencies (local health planning bodies) in developing their local Health Systems Plans and the State in developing its State Health Plan. Note, although the latter document mentions a 1978 State Health Plan, the plan was actually published in 1980 and was applicable for the years 1980 through 1985.

The links below will take you to PDF copies of the two documents.

1977 Plan Development Manual and Statewide Policies

1980 California State Health Plan

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