Automated Licensing Information and Report Tracking System (ALIRTS)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why was the ALIRTS reporting component developed?
    The manually-prepared report form required OSHPD to spend a lot of time and resources correcting basic data entry and footing errors. With a Web-based reporting application, almost all facilities will be able to take advantage of today's electronic technology to submit more accurate data. Another major benefit is that utilization reports will be easily accessible by a much wider audience.
  2. What are the minimum system requirements for using the ALIRTS reporting component?

    We have developed ALIRTS to function on the following minimum requirements:

    • Processor: PC Pentium 133 Mhz CPU
    • Memory: 64 Mb of RAM
    • Modem: 28.8 Kps
    • Operating System: Windows 95 or higher
    • Software: Internet Explorer V5.0 or higher
    • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600
    • E-mail: Required for reporters

    NOTE: A higher end PC with a faster Internet connection will result in faster response time. If you are not certain whether you've met these requirements, please contact your organization's Information Technology (IT) Department or OSHPD at (916) 326-3854.

  3. Will the ALIRTS reporting component work with most Internet browsers?

    Yes, most but not all. ALIRTS works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Version 5.0 (with 128-bit encryption), Version 5.5 with Service Pack 1, or Version 6.0. For security measures, ALIRTS only works with 128-bit encryption. The non-reporting component of ALIRTS, which is open to the public, will work with Internet Explorer (Version 4.0 or higher) or Netscape (Version 4.0 or higher).

  4. What safeguards have been developed to ensure that data submitted to OSHPD using ALIRTS cannot be intercepted?

    ALIRTS is considered a "secure" site, meaning unauthorized people cannot see the information that is being sent to or from your computer. The application may require a higher level of connection security (128-bit encryption) than what you might have installed on your computer.

  5. Our facility uses Internet Explorer 5.0, but how do I know its level of security and, if necessary, upgrade my computer?

    You can determine your Cipher Strength (encryption) by launching Internet Explorer and clicking on Help/About Internet Explorer. A box will "pop up" containing information about your browser, the Cipher Strength should read 128-bit. If you do not have 128-bit encryption, click on "update information", which is a link which allows you to update your system. If you are using Internet Explorer 5.5 with Service Pack 1 or Internet Explorer 6.0, then you should already be set for 128-bit encryption.

  6. What security measures have been taken to ensure that our computer system will not get a virus?

    There is almost no chance of obtaining a virus when using ALIRTS, since you are not downloading any files of applications from OSHPD. Facility e-mail addresses will not be made available to the public. Also, OSHPD's network has up-to-date virus scanners to ensure that e-mail submitted between OSHPD and facility staff remains virus free.

    Additionally, each facility will designate a OSHPD ALIRTS Account Administrator who will have the authority and responsibility for establishing and maintaining user accounts.

  7. Our facility does not have Internet access. Are we still required to submit a report to OSHPD?

    Yes. Remember this is a Web-based application, you can access the site from home, the library or any place that has access to the Interent. Section 127285 of the Health and Safety Codes require all hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics to submit an annual utilization report to OSHPD. For Home Health Agencies and hospices, these requirements are listed in Section 74729 of the California Code of Regulations and Section 1750(c) of the Health and Safety Code, respectively. Failure to submit this report may result in a forfeiture of licensure. In the event a facility does not have access to the Internet, OSHPD will allow facilities to request a modification to submit their annual utilization report on a hardcopy report form. Modification requests must be made in writing and properly justified, and if granted, will be approved on a case-by-case basis for a single reporting cycle. Please call the ALIRTS Support Line, at (916) 326-3854 for instructions.

  8. If our facility experiences a problem connecting to the Internet or using ALIRTS, will OSHPD provide technical support?

    Since OSHPD will not be familiar with your particular PC and/or network system, you should contact your facility's technical support staff or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you have problems connecting to the Internet. If you experience problems using ALIRTS or need assistance with completing your annual utilization report, please contact ALIRTS Support Line at (916) 326-3854.

  9. When are annual utilization reports due?

    The Annual Utilization Report of Hospitals, Long-term Care Facilities, Primary Care Clinics and Specialty Clinics are due February 15 every year for reporting data from the previous calendar year. The Annual Utilization Reports of Home Health Agencies/Hospices are due March 15 every year for reporting data from the previous calendar year. If February 15 or March 15 falls on a weekend or holiday the due date will then be the following business day.

  10. How do I obtain an extension if I am unable to meet the report due date?

    The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development does not have the statutory authority to grant a formal extension to the due date for filing the Annual Utilization Reports. If you are unable to meet the due date please contact our ALIRTS Support Line at (916) 326-3854. We will try to make arrangements to have your data included in the State Utilization Data File.

  11. Will ALIRTS allow me to save and validate my report before I officially submit it to OSHPD?

    Yes. There are two key features of ALIRTS - the ability to save your progress and validate your report at any time before its official submission to OSHPD. Keep in mind if you close your browser or lose your Internet connection, data will be lost since the report was last saved.

  12. Can I use ALIRTS to submit revisions to a previously submitted report?

    Yes. You can revise a previously submitted report up to two years after the due date.

  13. Will ALIRTS allow me to view reports submitted by other facilities? If so, when will these reports become available?

    Yes. You are able to view and print annual utilization reports for other facilities immediately after they have been officially submitted. Of course, this means your report is also viewable to the public at the same time.

  14. What is the process for registering to use the ALIRTS reporting component?

    A. When a facility is initially licensed OSHPD will mail a letter to each facility for the registration process. The Registration and Login Quick Reference Guide contains instructions on how to register the facility's account with OSHPD and how to log on. The letter will contain the facility's:

    • Login ID,
    • An initial ALIRTS password, and
    • A Registration and Login Quick Reference Guide on how to navigate the registration module.
    • In general the process is as follows:
      • The facility administrator will designate someone as the OSHPD ALIRTS Account Administrator (OAAA), (either himself / herself or another staff person)
      • Using the Login ID and Password in the registration letter to establish the ALIRTS Account by completing the OAAA profile. At this time the OAAA must change the password and may change the Login ID
      • The OAAA will establish any subsidiary accounts for the facility (called Facility User accounts)
  15. What happens if I forget my login ID or password?

    If you are a Facility User (OAAA or Report Preparer) already registered with OSHPD you can click on "Lost your password or login?" on the ALIRTS Login Page. You will be prompted to answer a couple of questions for security verification. ALIRTS will then send you the login ID and password via e-mail, using your e-mail address on file. However, if you have changed your Internet service provider you will have to contact ALIRTS Technical Support at (916) 326-3854.

  16. I prepare utilization reports for several facilities. May I use the same login ID/password combination for all facilities?

    ALIRTS is designed to allow one person to submit multiple reports using the same login ID and password. When creating the OAAA profile there is the ability to enter additional facilities for that ALIRTS Account (you will need the password for each additional facility, which is part of the registration letter).

  17. Can we have more than one login ID/password combination for our facility?

    While only one OAAA account is permitted for each facility, an unlimited number of sub-accounts can be created by the OAAA (called Facility User accounts). The Facility User accounts have the right to submit the data.

  18. How do I remove the User ID/password combination for a former employee?

    Accounts are not "removed" from ALIRTS, however, the OAAA can go into ALIRTS at any time and mark a Facility User as "inactive". If the OAAA leaves, he/ she will have to contact OSHPD prior to departure to arrange for a new OAAA for that facility (or the facility administrator can contact OSHPD if the OAAA did not make arrangements).

  19. What happens when the registered OAAA left the facility?

    OSHPD uses the OAAA e-mail addresses registered with ALIRTS for communication. If an OAAA left the facility without notifying OSHPD the facility may not receive any messages because the messages will still be addressed to the old OAAA. This is the reason ALIRTS requires an Alternate Contact for each facility.

  20. What steps need to be taken by the new OAAA to obtain a new login ID and password for access to ALIRTS?

    A signed letter on facility letterhead containing the new designated person's information can be faxed to ALIRTS Fax line at 916-322-1442. The letter needs to include the OSHPD Facility #, the new OAAA's name, title, phone number, fax number and e-mail address, and be signed by a responsible party. OSHPD will then update the OAAA profile and issue a new login ID and temporary password.

  21. Am I, as a facility OAAA, required to inform OSHPD if I changed e-mail address due to change of Internet provider?

    The facility OAAA can access ALIRTS and update any information on his/her registered profile any time when he/she sees necessary. By doing so, the correct e-mail address will be used by OSHPD for communicating with the facility. While it is not "required" it is a vital communication link to OSHPD.

  22. My login ID is the same as the facility ID number; can this be changed?

    Yes. OSHPD prefers that the login ID be something other than the facility ID number. OSHPD no longer issues facility ID number as the initial login ID. If you are the designated OAAA and wish to create a personalized login ID, go to the ALIRTS User Edit screen from the 'Administration Home' link; shade over the existing login ID, enter your personalized login ID. (Please check the Login ID Requirement from Quick Reference Guide). The new entry will be updated after you click 'Save.'

This page was last updated on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

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