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The Healthcare Information Division (HID) produces over 100 data sets and data products taken from reports submitted to OSHPD by over 5,000 individual, licensed healthcare facilities including hospitals, long-term care facilities, primary care clinics, specialty clinics, hospices, and home health agencies. These data sets and products can be found by entering a word in the search box or navigating by topic via the search panel to the right. Products are listed according to the HID data collection program that generates the source data (including a short description of the data program). Clicking a product name will take you to a product detail page which contains a link to the product file which can then be downloaded, viewed, and/or printed.

Listed below are quick links to the most recently released data sets and products.

Most Recent Updates

Primary Care Clinic Annual Utilization Profile with Trends 2011-2015
Updated: January 24, 2017
Recent utilization and financial information for California’s primary care clinics displayed as one-year data or as five-year trends for patients, encounters, and revenue sources.

Hospital Chargemasters and Charges for 25 Common Outpatient Procedures 2016
Updated: January 20, 2017
A comprehensive list of charges for the items and services hospitals provide, as well as average charges for common outpatient procedures, provided annually by California hospitals.

Hospital Quarterly Financial and Utilization Complete Data Set, 3rd Quarter 2016
Updated: January 13, 2017
Data sets from OSHPD’s Hospital Quarterly Financial and Utilization Reports include summary data on service capacity, utilization, expenses, and revenue by payer source.

Patient Safety Indicators 2015 (Q1-Q3)
Updated: January 13, 2017
Using a methodology developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), patient safety indicators are a set of measures providing information on hospital complications and adverse events following surgeries, procedures, and childbirth.

Emergency Department Utilization Pivot Trends 2011-2015
Updated: January 6, 2017
Data includes five years of emergency department trends collected from hospital annual utilization reports. Customized charts can display data by hospital, county, or type of service.

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