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California Perspectives In Healthcare

What is California Perspectives in Healthcare?

California Perspectives in Healthcare is designed to provide an overview of healthcare facilities and services within California. The publications are divided into sections including one section for each of California's 58 counties and one section for statewide. Each of the sections is further divided into four parts and includes:

  1. Demographic information;
  2. An overview of healthcare resource maps (maps showing facility locations by ER designation and includes population data by ZIP code);
  3. Hospitalization characteristics; and
  4. Trends for selected conditions, procedures and injuries.

California Perspectives in Healthcare is intended to raise questions among health planners, policymakers, and other decision-makers. With healthcare costs rising, and more and more people becoming uninsured, it's critical these questions are raised in order to focus efforts to improve access and quality of care. It is also important to have accurate information about these issues to enable stakeholders to make informed choices in efficient ways.

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