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Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery in California - 1997-1998

California CABG Mortality Reporting Program (CCMRP)

CCMRP was a voluntary program designed to collect and report coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) mortality data for participating California hospitals. The program was established in 1995 by OSHPD and the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH), a statewide coalition of purchasers of care, through a unique public-private sector partnership. CCMRP has been replaced by the mandatory heart bypass surgery reporting program (CCORP) which includes hospital results for the 2000-2002 data period.

Downloadable Sections

Specific sections of the report, as defined below are available for faster downloading.

  • Introductory Information (pdf, 10 pages, 93 kb): This section includes the Preface, a two-page Summary of the Report Results, the Table of Contents, and lists of the CCMRP Technical Advisory Panel and Project Staff.
  • Section I (pdf, 2 pages, 16 kb): Introduction.
  • Section II (pdf, 3 pages, 19 kb): Heart Disease and its Treatment. This section provides background information on heart disease
  • Section III (pdf, 3 pages, 17 kb): Description of the Reporting Program. This section describes the initiation and function of the program, including a list of the data elements used.
  • Section IV (pdf, 10 pages, 34 kb): Hospital Participation. This section includes a list of all hospitals invited to participate in CCMRP and their participation status.
  • Section V (pdf, 7 pages, 28 kb): Methods Used to Risk-Adjust Hospital Mortality Data. This section includes a detailed presentation of the risk model and how to interpret it.
  • Section VI (pdf, 25 pages, 104 kb): Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rates for 1997-1998. This section includes tables and figures detailing hospital-level results.
  • Section VII (pdf, 2 pages, 13 kb): Hospital Volume and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Outcomes. This section provides a description of the relationship between CABG volume and hospital outcomes within this data analysis.
  • Section VIII (pdf, 1 page, 9 kb): Summary of Technical Conclusions.
  • Section IX (pdf, 1 page, 10 kb) Additional Resources.
  • Appendices A - E (pdf, 20 pages, 70 kb) includes the following:
    • Appendix A: Data Element Definitions and Instructions for CCMRP Data Submissions
    • Appendix B: Descriptions of CABG Reporting Programs Operated by Other States and Organizations
    • Appendix C: CCMRP Data Collection Form/Tool
    • Appendix D: Variables from Jones and Colleagues (1996)
    • Appendix E: Principles of Participation Agreement with Hospitals
  • Appendix F (pdf, 30 pages, 538 kb): Technical Description of Data, Risk-Adjustment Methods and Results. This section includes a detailed description of data methods, model development, model fit and validation, alternative analytic approaches and hospital risk-adjusted mortality predictions.
  • Appendix G (pdf, 25 pages, 112 kb) Univariate Data Summaries: This section includes tables that describe the completeness of the data received for analysis and variation in coding practices among hospitals.
  • References and Membership Lists (pdf, 4 pages, 19 kb): Including listings of the members of the California Health Policy and Data Advisory Committee (CHPDAC) and Members of the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH).
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