Health Professions Education Foundation's Golden Opportunities Incentivize Healthcare Professions to Serve in California's Underserved Areas

These award recipients were funded through a generous grant from The California Endowment.

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Annual Application Cycle Dates

Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP)
Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Education Program (LMHSPEP)
August 1, 2016 – November 18, 2016
All other Loan Repayment Programs August 1, 2016 – November 18, 2016
Steven M. Thompson Physician Corps Loan Repayment Program (STLRP) December 5, 2016 – February 28, 2017
All Scholarships January 3, 2017 – February 28, 2017

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About US

The Health Professions Education Foundation (HPEF) is a state non-profit established in 1987.

HPEF has awarded more than 12,882 scholarships and loan repayments totaling more than $146.7 million to California health professionals serving in all 58 counties in areas of unmet need.

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