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Healthcare Workforce Development Division

Mini Grants Program

Mini Grants are designed to strengthen the educational and social foundations by providing direct and indirect program support for underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged students to build on as they pursue careers in the health industry.  Only qualifying organizations may apply.  Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Mini Grants funded activities focus on various categories that cover health career conferences and workshops and health career exploration. Currently, Mini Grants are offered each fiscal year, with contract activities covering 12 consecutive months.


Click here to see the complete list of 2015-16 grantees: Mini-Grants Awardees Announced.

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2014-15: RFA 14-5404
2013-14: RFA 13-4161
2012-13: RFA 12-4500
2011-12: RFA 11-2450
2010-11: RFA 10-1494
2009-10: RFA 09-9557
2008-09: RFA 08-9389
2007-08: RFA 07-7333
2006-07: RFA 06-7013
Mini Grants Program Contact:
Trisha Duchaine, Program Analyst

Phone: (916) 326-3723

Liz Martin, Manager

Phone: (916) 326-3706