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Chapter 434, Statutes of 1981 (California Health and Safety Code Section 127885 et seq.) and the 1985-86 Governor's Budget authorized OSHPD to begin a contracting program to facilitate the training of underrepresented individuals for health professions needed in underserved areas of the State. The HCTP is a health professions resource for students as well as individuals within California's healthcare industry and workforce development communities.

To help strengthen California's healthcare industry demands, and develop a culturally and linguistically competent healthcare workforce for all citizens, HCTP staff coordinates activities with various governmental bodies, education and training sites, funding organizations, and healthcare providers and associations by:

  • Developing public/private partnerships to encourage and address health careers training and employment needs for a workforce that reflects the diversity of the state's population.
  • Identifying funding sources and financial incentives for training and placement activities using specialized grants, student scholarships and loan repayments that significantly assist the development of California's workforce.
  • Assisting educators and healthcare providers in developing and/or expanding occupational training for targeted health occupations.
  • Increasing the numbers of underrepresented, economically, and educationally disadvantaged students through reinforcement of the skill sets needed to successfully complete a health professional education.
  • Increasing awareness of available health professions through student outreach and conference activities.

HCTP Contacts:

Brad Starkey-Owens
Phone: (916)326-3783

Daniel Alvarado, Program Administrator
Phone: (916) 326-3710

Trisha Duchaine
Phone: (916) 326-3723

Felicia M. Borges, Manager
Phone: (916) 326-3768


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Page last revised: May 18, 2015