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Program Regulations

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Most OSHPD program regulations are found in Division 7 of Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), commencing with §90001.

Division 7 is divided into chapters – OSHPD Divisions may have regulations in more than one chapter.

  • Healthcare Workforce and Community Development Division and Health Professions Education Foundation (Note that specific program regulations may be found in other parts of the CCR)
    • Chapter 6, commencing with §92001
    • Chapters 14 – 17, commencing with §97700.1
  • Healthcare Information Division
    • Chapter 9, commencing with §96040,
    • Chapter 10, commencing with §97003
  • Cal-Mortgage Division
    • Chapter 5, commencing with §91401

Facilities Development Division adopts building standards that are found in Title 24.

The California Code of Regulations (except for Title 24) can be accessed through the Office of Administrative Law website ( or directly using the following link CCRs.

For information about obtaining the CCR in print, you may contact the State's official publisher, Barclays Official California Code of Regulations.