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Program Statutes

Statutory authorization for the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and its programs is primarily found in Division 107 of the Health and Safety Code, §127000 et seq.

Division 107 is divided into parts that roughly correlate to the Divisions within the Office. Some OSHPD Divisions administer more than one program. (Note that specific program statutes may be located in other areas of the Health and Safety Code, or in other Codes.)

  • Healthcare Workforce and Community Development Division programs and Health Professions Education Foundation programs - Part 3, commencing with §127750
  • Healthcare Information Division programs Part 5, commencing with 128675
  • Cal-Mortgage Loan Insurance Division Part 6, commencing with §129000
  • Facilities Development Division Part 7, commencing with §129675

California Codes, including the Health and Safety Code, can be accessed through LegInfo, the Official California Legislative Information website. Select "California Law" and then "Health and Safety Code".

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