Health Care Reform/Workforce Development

Health Care Reform and OSHPD's Role

Subscribe ButtonThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will bring a substantial proportion of California’s 6.9 million uninsured persons into the state’s health delivery system. Recognizing this fact, along with the fact that California currently has health workforce shortages in numerous health personnel categories, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) is continually engaging in activities that aim to increase California’s health workforce and ultimately increase health access for all Californians. In 2010, OSHPD partnered with the California Workforce Investment Board (CWIB) to aid in the development of a comprehensive strategy for workforce development in California. OSHPD and CWIB’s work was focused on the health professions education, training, and workforce development provisions in Title V of ACA and included the establishment of the Health Workforce Development Council (Council) to guide the preparation of a comprehensive strategy that can be implemented statewide and regionally. OSHPD has now transitioned to the role of Council member and has begun the implementation of the Councils recommendations within the Healthcare Workforce Development Division. OSHPD’s primary activities regarding health care reform include: Stakeholder engagement; program development and evaluation; resource development; research and analysis; and policy analysis. To view OSHPD’s HCR work plan activities, click on the following link: OSHPD Work Plan in Response to HCR 10-2013

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