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Long-Term Care Facility Annual Utilization Data Notes

Note: 2002-2005 Long-Term Care Utilization data has been revised to include Assembly District, Senate District, Congressional District, Medical Service Study Areas and total patient days information

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The following trend reports provide longitudinal utilization information for long-term care facilities. The 2003-07 Trend Report is an Excel pivot table that displays trends in long-term care in chart format and includes only freestanding LTC facilities. The 1992-01 Trend Report is in table format and includes hospital-based long-term care information from the Hospital Annual Utilization Database.

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Attention Data Users: Please exercise caution when interpreting OSHPD data. The use of improper assumptions and analytical methods may result in erroneous or misleading conclusions. Conclusions drawn from OSHPD data are the sole responsibility of the user. Users should be aware that financial and utilization data products are based on a dynamic database that is constantly being updated. As a result, the same data item for a facility may change over time or be different between products.

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