Cal-Mortgage Reports

Blackout Periods:

Please note that insured bond transactions may not be priced or issued during the state's blackout periods, roughly December 1 through January 10 and from May 1 through May 14 (or the earlier of the State budget enactment date).

Monthly Report

The Monthly Report includes a listing of loans insured by Cal-Mortgage, and information regarding applications for loan insurance.

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Annual Reports to the Legislature

Report 1 - Financial Status of the Program
Health and Safety Code Section 129045 requires the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) to report the financial status of the California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Program and its insured portfolio, including the status of all borrowers in each stage of default and the office's efforts to collect from borrowers that have defaulted on their debt service payments.

Report 2 - Borrowers' Compliance with their Community Service Obligations
Health and Safety Code Section 129075 (c) requires the OSHPD to report the extent of borrowers' compliance with their community service obligations pursuant to subdivision (j) of Section 129050, Section 129055, and Section 129065.

Actuarial Study

The California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Program (the Program) was authorized by a voter initiative in 1968. Modeled after federal home mortgage programs, the Program makes it possible for nonprofit and public owned healthcare facilities to obtain private financing, without cost to taxpayers, to develop or expand their services in communities throughout California. Without such a guarantee, many of these facilities simply could not arrange the financing required to serve their communities.

Under the administration of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), the Program insures loans to nonprofit and public health facilities for construction projects that improve access to needed healthcare. OSHPD can insure loans to nonprofit public benefit corporations or public entities (cities, counties, hospital districts, or joint power authorities) in which the State of California guarantees the payments of principal and interest on the loans. The loan insurance allows borrowers access to lower interest rates.

The California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Law (the Insurance Law) established the Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Fund, which is used as a depository of fees and insurance premiums and maybe used to pay administrative costs of the Program and shortfalls resulting from defaults by insured borrowers.

Section 129330 of the Insurance Law requires that Cal-Mortgage obtain, in each even numbered year, an actuarial study to determine the reserve sufficiency of funds. The purpose of the study is to examine the portfolio of existing insured loans and provide an estimate of reserve funds necessary to respond adequately to potential foreseeable risks, including extraordinary administrative expenses and actual defaults.

State Plan

The Cal-Mortgage State Plan describes the policy priorities of the California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Program, and guides the operation of the Program on a non-regulatory basis. It also includes the guiding principals, goals and objectives of the program. The State Plan is published in odd numbered years.

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