Inspection Services

FDD provides inspection services through its Inspection Services Unit (ISU). The ISU is responsible for:

  • The Hospital Inspector Certification Program (HICP) - testing and certification of private-sector construction inspectors.
  • The HICP recertification program - recertification training and testing of private-sector hospital construction inspectors.
  • Construction Observation Bulletins (COBs) - bulletins regarding statewide construction issues.
  • Reviewing and approving testing laboratories for the OSHPD Preapproved Laboratory (OPL) program.
  • Technical oversight review of work performed by State and private-sector construction inspectors.
  • Development and administration of programs, policies and regulations related to:
    • Healthcare facility construction inspection,
    • OSHPD emergency response, and
    • OSHPD construction observation staff safety.
  • Technical leadership, training and quality control/quality assurance of OSHPD construction observation staff (Compliance Officers, District Structural Engineers, and Fire Life Safety Officers).

Hospital Inspector Certification Program (HICP)

HICP Examination Application Information

  • How to Update Inspector Contact Information

    It is important to notify the OSHPD Facilities Development Division (FDD) Inspection Services Unit (ISU) of your name and address changes so that you will receive reminders of certification expiration and other notices. Notifying your local OSHPD compliance officer will NOT update your records with the ISU.

    To update your name and/or address, email the ISU at

For Hospital Inspector examination questions or comments, please contact the HICP at 916.440.8316 or email

We welcome your feedback, comments, and questions. Please direct them to the Inspection Services Unit,

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