Codes and Regulations

Policy Intent Notices (PINs)

Below are listed the Facility Development Division’s (the Office’s) policy on a specific subject. The PINs are listed in numeric order.

PIN 2Installation of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks5/20/19944/18/2016
PIN 4Review of Existing Facilities for Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms
and Projects Related to Isolation of TB Patients
PIN 5Review of Underground Fire Main Submittals9/01/199412/05/2013
PIN 8Hazardous Materials Inventory3/30/199512/05/2013
PIN 11Establishment of Policy in Facilities Development Division5/30/19956/09/2011
PIN 13 Lighting System Retrofits7/11/199512/05/2013
PIN 14Fire Watch5/16/19959/19/2011
PIN 16Interior Finish Material(s) Approval6/20/19966/19/2008
PIN 20Pneumatic Tube Systems Support and Bracing1/30/19976/09/2011
PIN 32NPC-2 Seismic Bracing Upgrades5/07/20019/19/2011
PIN 34Mobile Units used for Outpatient Hospital Services3/08/20023/17/2017
PIN 35Healthcare Decontamination Facilities 7/21/200312/05/2013
PIN 36Projects of $50,000 or less - Exempt from Plan Review Process1/05/2007 6/18/2013
*PIN 38Electrical Load Capacity Verification Guideline10/06/19933/17/2017
PIN 40Dietary and Food Services within Health Facilities3/31/19939/19/2011
PIN 44Senate Bill 306 Facility Master Plan components and Submittal Approach6/23/2009 
PIN 45Converting a Senate Bill 1661 Project to a Senate Bill 499 Project7/09/2010 
PIN 46Minimum Non-refundable Application Filing Fee1/01/20114/20/2011
PIN 47Expedited Appeals2/21/2012 
PIN 48School District Fee Compliance1/01/2011 
PIN 50Collaborative Review and Construction Process (CRC) & Phased Plan Review (PPR)12/05/2013 
PIN 51Use of OSHPD Pre-Approved Details8/16/201112/05/2013
PIN 52Requests for Seismic Compliance Extension Under Senate Bill 9011/19/201107/24/2012
PIN 53Requests for Seismic Compliance Extensions under Senate Bill 499 and Senate Bill 166112/14/2011 
PIN 54Application of Enforceable Codes1/02/2013 
PIN 55OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP)2/24/20146/02/2016
PIN 56Request for Reopening a Closed Project2/07/20142/13/2014
PIN 57Functional Program3/10/2014  
PIN 58OSHPD Approved Agency for Structural Tests and Special Inspections7/20/20146/2/2016
PIN 59SB 90 Financial Capacity Reports7/09/2014 
PIN 60Temporary Wireless Nurse Call System8/7/2014 
PIN 61Reasonable Accommodation For Hospital Inspector Certification and Recertification Examinations12/29/2014 
PIN 62OSHPD Preapproval of Manufacturer's Certification (OPM)6/2/2016 
PIN 63Fire Alarm Voltage Drop and Testing4/28/2016 
PIN 65All-Gender Toilet Facilities1/03/2017 
New PIN 67Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints - Special Inspections3/06/2017 

*Indicates the PIN was revised

For questions or comments related to the PINs, please eMail the Building Standards Unit at

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