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Senate Bill 1661 - Report 1

SB 1661 (05/06): Amends Section 130060 & 130061 of the Health and Safety Code

Per SB 1661 Health and Safety Code Section 130061:

(a) An owner of a general acute care hospital building that is classified as a nonconforming Structural Performance Category-1 (SPC-1) building, who has not requested an extension of the deadline described in subdivision (a) or (b) of Section 130060, shall submit a report to the office no later than April 15, 2007, describing the status of each building in complying with the requirements of Section 130060.

The report shall identify at least all of the following:

  1. Each building that is subject to subdivision (a) of Section 130060.
  2. The project number or numbers for retrofit or replacement of each building.
  3. The projected construction start date or dates and projected construction completion date or dates.
  4. The building or buildings to be removed from acute care service and the projected date or dates of this action.

Facilities that have not requested an extension

Facility Number (Perm ID) Facility Number of SPC 1 Buildings Facility Response to Required SB 1661 Information OSHPD Notes
10055 Doctors Medical Center - Pinole Campus 1 No Response  
10156 Central Valley Orthopedic And Spine Institute 1 Hospital is closed License expired 10/2/2005.
Verified per licensing data
10252 Chowchilla District Memorial Hospital 1 No longer an acute care hospital. License expired 12/31/06.
Verified per licensing data
10509 Indian Valley Hospital 1 No Response License expired 4/30/07.
Per licensing data
10908 Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Santa Clara 5 SPC - 1 Hospital buildings will be closed prior to 1/1/08. Replacement hospital opening August 2007.  
11496 Casa Colina Hospital for Rehab Medicine 4 SPC - 1 Hospital buildings closed 2005. Replacement Hospital opened 2005  
12301 Sharp Cabrillo Hospital 1 Skilled Nursing Facility exempt from SB 1953 compliance. Facility plans to discontinue the licensing on ten acute care beds  
12421 California Pacific Medical Center-California East 1 All acute care service were removed ("de-licensed") in 2005. Verified per licensing data
13193 Kaiser Foundation Hospital - Martinez/Walnut Creek 4 SPC - 1 Hospital buildings will be closed prior to 1/1/08. Replacement hospital at Antioch opening prior to 1/1/08  
16536 Healthsouth Tustin Rehabilitation Hospital 1 No Response License expired 6/5/07.
Per licensing data

  • Actual facility response can be viewed from the links listed in the "Facility Response" column.
  • Information from OSHPD Alirts can be found from links listed in the "Facility Number" and the "OSHPD Notes" columns.

For questions or comments related to Senate Bill 1661 reports, please eMail the Seismic Compliance Unit.

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