Seismic Compliance Unit

Application Process for Submission of Projects to the Seismic Compliance Unit

Use the Application for New Project (OSH-FD-121) form so that a project number can be created by the Office. Do not create a project number in eCA.


  • The Seismic Compliance Unit does not review projects that involve any construction. Such reviews are performed by the appropriate region of the Building Safety Section of OSHPD/FDD. For submittal of projects that involves construction, use the eServices Portal.
  • The Seismic Compliance Unit encourages submittal in an electronic format.
  • Electronic Documents can be transmitted to the Seismic Compliance Unit (SCU) in a CD or USB, Email or request a FTP link from the SCU Support Staff.

Submittal Packages Shall Adhere to the Following

  1. Include a Letter of Transmittal with all the documents transmitted.
  2. Applications includes: Please remove Application Instructions from the end of your application submittals.
  3. Letter of Authorization (OSH-FD-309), if applicable (if the facility legal owner or administrator has not signed the application then a Letter of Authorization (LOA) is required).
  4. Facility Name and Number is required on all documents.
  5. One Application PER OSHPD Building (exception is NPC 2 Upgrade), If you have multiple buildings for the same type of project and have the same documents, please combine into one set of documents for all buildings (Applications are the only document that must be one per building).
  6. Email addresses of all parties INCLUDING a contact at the Facility and the Facility Administrator.
  7. Single PDF file for each document.
  8. Reference Plans/As Builts in PDF Format only shall be in a single PDF File according to Project #. All Plans from OSHPD Approved Projects MUST include the Project # on all Plan Sets.
  9. Back Checks require the addition of Project Numbers.

Document Submittal Format for Seismic Compliance

Professional Stamps and Signatures as required per:

  • California Administrative Code, Section 7-115
  • California Administrative Code, Section 7-111

Electronic Documents must be in PDF format with proper Naming Conventions in accordance with the following:

Document Type Separator Project File Number Samples* Full Naming Convention Example*
Application - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_APP_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Basis of Design - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_BOD_BLD01234_2016MMDD
GeoTech Reports - G163115-43-00 FACNO_BOD_GEO_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Material Testing Program - SER-2016-00045 FACNO_MAT PRG_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Material Testing Results - SER-2016-00045 FACNO_MAT RES_BLD01234_2016MMDD
NPC # Upgrade - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO-NPC#_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Other Documents
(Only use when no other description will work)
- SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_DOCS_BLD01234_2016MMDD
(NO OSHPD Project Number Plan Sets)
- SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_PLAN_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Reference Plans
(OSHPD Approved Plan Sets)
- SES-2016-00250 FACNO_REF_OSHPD Approved Project #_2016MMDD
Reports - SES-2016-00250 FACNO_RPT_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Response to Remarks Letter - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_RES LTR_BLD01234_2016MMDD
SMRF Program - SER-2016-00125 FACNO_SMRF PRG_BLD01234_2016MMDD
SMRF Results - SER-2016-00125 FACNO_SMRF RES_BLD01234_2016MMDD
SPC # Upgrade - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_SPC# UPG_BLD01234_2016MMDD
SPC 4D MTCAP Program - SER-2016-01432 FACNO_MTCAP_BLD01234_2016MMDD
SPC 4D MTCAR Results - SER-2016-01432 FACNO_MTCAR_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Specification - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_SPEC_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Structural Calculations - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_CALC_BLD01234_2016MMDD
Transmittal - SRU-2016-00005 FACNO_TRN_BLD01234_2016MMDD

*Substitute FACNO with five-digit Facility ID number.
*Use BLDMULTI where multiple buildings are involved.

For questions or comments related to the Application Process for Submission of Projects, please eMail the Seismic Compliance Unit.

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