Seismic Compliance Unit


The SB1953 Archives contains previous editions of Seismic Bulletins, Code Application Notices (CANs), and Title 24, Part 1 Chapter 6. This Archive is placed here for reference when addressing Seismic Compliance issues from previous code cycles.

Seismic Safety Bulletins

California′s Hospital Seismic Safety Law

Title 24, Part 1

Code Application Notice (CANs)

  • CAN 1-1.5.2 - Delay in Compliance
  • CAN 1-6- - Change in seismic performance category
  • CAN 2-1648A -Seismic Retrofit of Single Story Hospital Buildings Utilizing Wood Frame or Light Steel Construction
  • CAN 2-1648B - Method B: Applies only to retrofit projects received by the Office prior to November 2, 2002.

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