Seismic Compliance Unit

HAZUS Reassessment

The HAZUS Reassessment Program is a voluntary program to re-evaluate the seismic risk of hospital buildings classified as Structural Performance Category 1 (SPC-1). These buildings are considered hazardous and at risk of collapse in the event of an earthquake and must be retrofitted, replaced or removed from providing acute care services by 2013.

OSHPD is using HAZARDS U.S. (HAZUS), a state-of-the-art methodology, to reassess the seismic risk of SPC-1 buildings. Buildings that are determined to pose a low seismic risk may be reclassified to SPC-2. The SPC-2 buildings would have until 2030 to comply with the structural seismic safety standards.

Participation in the HAZUS Program

  • Participation is optional for hospital owners wishing to have their SPC-1 building(s) re-evaluated.
  • Participation is mandatory if the General Acute Care Facility has requested a SB 90 extension request for the SPC-1 building.

HAZUS Emergency Regulations - effective February 13, 2010.

Summaries of HAZUS Reassessments

The following summaries of HAZUS Reassessment requests are available:

Please direct questions regarding the HAZUS Reassessment program to the Seismic Compliance Unit.

HAZUS is featured in the Governor’s Health Care Reform Initiative as the "Worst First" Compliance with Hospital Seismic Safety Requirements.

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