Title 24 Proposed & Approved Code Changes

Title 24, California Code of Regulations, also referred to as the California Buildings Standards Code or "Title 24", is a compilation of building regulations created by various state agencies, boards, commissions and departments to implement the State’s statutes, governing the construction of buildings in California.

OSHPD Facilities Development Division creates and enforces these regulations for Health Facilities in the State of California, as described in Title 24, Part 2, Chapter 1.

Proposed code changes by OSHPD are submitted to the California Buildings Standards Commission on an annual basis (annual code adoption cycle) or on an emergency basis (emergency regulations), for adoption into Title 24.

HAZUS Emergency Regulations - Effective February 13, 2010

Regulations for the adoption of Hazards U.S. (HAZUS) earthquake loss estimation methodology for reassessment of hospital buildings that are rated as Structural Performance Category 1 (SPC-1) were approved by the California Building Standards Commission, and became effective on November 26, 2007. Using HAZUS allows OSHPD to re-prioritize these buildings based on their level of seismic risk.

Hospital buildings that exceed the minimum allowable risk will comply with seismic safety requirement deadlines. Those buildings determined to be at lower seismic risk will be reclassified to SPC-2, and will have until 2030 to comply.

Effective February 13, 2010, Emergency HAZUS Regulations will update requirements related to the methodology to reclassify SPC-1 buildings to SPC-2 based on a collapse probability assessment, consistent with seismic safety requirements of SB 1953. In addition, changes have been made to the Nonstructural Performance Category (NPC) deadlines to align them with the SPC deadlines pursuant to SB 2006, SB 1661, SB 306, and SB 499.

The approved changes are outlined in the following document, to be used in conjunction with the 2007 California Administrative Code:

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