Data and Reports

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) produces over 100 data sets and products taken from reports submitted to OSHPD by over 5,000 individual, licensed healthcare facilities including hospitals, long-term care facilities, primary care clinics, specialty clinics, hospices, and home health agencies.

These data sets and products can be found by entering a word in the search box or navigating by topic via the search panel to the right. Products are listed according to the OSHPD data collection program that generates the source data (including a short description of the data program). Clicking a product name will take you to a product detail page which contains a link to the product file which can then be downloaded, viewed, and/or printed.

Data Collection

OSHPD collects and publicly discloses facility level data from more than 6,000 CDPH-licensed healthcare facilities—hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, home health agencies, and hospices. These data include financial, utilization, patient characteristics, and services information. In addition, approximately 450 hospitals report demographic and utilization data on approximately 16 million inpatient, emergency department, ambulatory surgery patients, and by physician, about heart surgery patients.

Data Products

OSHPD produces more than 100 data products, including maps and graphs, summarizing rates, trends, and the geographic distribution of services. Risk-adjusted hospital and physician quality (outcome) ratings for heart surgery and other procedures are also published. The Division conducts a wide range of special studies on topics, such as preventable hospital admissions and readmission, trends in care, and racial/ethnic disparities, and provides information to the public on non-profit hospital and community benefits, and hospital prices and discount policies.

Technical Assistance

OSHPD provides assistance to the members of the public seeking to use OSHPD data and, upon request, can produce customized data sets or analyses for policymakers, news media, other state departments and stakeholders.

Find Data and Reports

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