AHRQ - Pediatric Quality Indicators (PDIs)

Area-Level (Statewide, County) for California

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has developed four types of Quality Indicators (QIs), measures of healthcare quality, that make use of hospital inpatient discharge data.

Pediatric Quality Indicators (PDIs) use indicators from other AHRQ QI modules with adaptations for use among children. Similar to Prevention Quality Indicators, the PDIs identify hospital admissions that evidence suggests may have been avoided through access to high-quality outpatient care.

Area-Level (Statewide, County) hospitalization rates are provided for the following PDI measures:

  • PDI #14 Asthma (Age 2 - 17)
  • PDI #15 Diabetes Short-Term Complications (Age 6 - 17)
  • PDI #16 Gastroenteritis (Age 3 months - 17 years)
  • PDI #17 Perforated Appendix (ruptured appendix; Age 1-17)
  • PDI #18 Urinary Tract Infection (Age 3 months - 17 years)
  • PQI #9 Low Birth Weight ( < 2500 grams)
  • PDI #90 Pediatric Quality Overall Composite (includes PDIs #14, 15, 16 and 18; Age 6-17)
  • PDI #91 Pediatric Quality Acute Composite (includes PDIs #16 and 18; Age 6-17)
  • PDI #92 Pediatric Quality Chronic Composite (includes PDIs #14 and 15; Age 6-17)

OSHPD views the area-level indicators as useful starting points for examining healthcare quality, but does not regard them as definitive measures of quality. For information about how the indicators are calculated, including technical details about each of the PDIs, visit the AHRQ website

Multi-Year Trends Data Set

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Version 5.0.2

*Due to a code set transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM (effective October 1, 2015), only the first three quarters of 2015 PDI data is being released under Version 5.0.2.

Version 4.5

Single-Year Data Set

Trend Graphs

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*Due to a code set transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM (effective October 1, 2015), the Trend Graphs will not be updated with 2015 data.

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