ALIRTS Features

ALIRTS provides an electronic means for facilities to submit utilization data. The following are some of the benefits of ALIRTS:

  • No special reporting software is needed. Reports will be completed and submitted by accessing the ALIRTS Web page through any PC with Internet access. No software installs or downloads are needed. However, there are minimum PC configuration standards that are required to use ALIRTS. See FAQ listing for details.
  • Submit multiple reports with a single logon. Your logon ID and password will provide secure access to submit reports for one or more clinics.
  • Save partial reports. You can save a partially completed report, and come back later to finish and submit the report.
  • Submit revised reports. You can revise a previously submitted report up to two years after due date.
  • Find and correct errors, and explain unique reporting. You can apply OSHPD's edit checks to your reports before submitting them, and provide the needed corrections or explanations, reducing or eliminating follow-up calls from OSHPD.
  • View reports immediately. You can view individual utilization reports right after they are submitted to the ALIRTS Web site.
  • View licensing information. Licensing and other facility information are viewable at the ALIRTS Web site.

This page was last updated on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

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