Complete Data Set

Listed below is a full inventory of the data sets, data products, reports, and special studies that are posted on the Healthcare Information Division website. See Request Data for other data products that are available by order only.

Annual Utilization Reports

On an annual basis (calendar year), licensed healthcare facilities report facility-level data on services capacity, utilization, patients, and expenditures.

Annual Financial Disclosure Reports

On an annual basis (individual facility fiscal year), hospitals and long-term care (LTC) facilities report detailed facility-level data on services capacity, inpatient/outpatient utilization, patients, revenues and expenses by type and payer, balance sheet and income statement.

Hospital Quarterly Financial and Utilization Reports

On a quarterly basis (every three months), individual hospitals and hospital systems report summary facility-level data on services capacity, revenues and expenses by payer, and utilization by payer.

AHRQ Quality Indicators

Using a methodology developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), OSHPD uses hospital inpatient discharge data to calculate quality indicators which are age/sex adjusted and can be used not only to monitor access but also morbidity and mortality for acute conditions and chronic diseases. These indicators are provided at the area level (state/county) or at the individual hospital level.

Hospital Documents

State law requires hospitals to submit various documents to OSHPD:

On a biennial basis (every two years), they submit copies of their policies for providing discounts (“fair pricing”) on hospital bills to income-eligible patients as well as the forms necessary to apply for these discounts.

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