Data Usage

In accordance with state laws governing the release of patient data, OSHPD may make such patient-level data available to qualified researchers at non-profit educational institutions conducting approved research on a confidential basis. This research affords significant benefits to the public in terms of improved processes of care, improved access to care and better-informed healthcare policies. Research using OSHPD confidential data must be approved by the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. Listed below are the most recent approved projects.

Download a spreadsheet of all approved projects from 2007 to the most recent year.

Date Approved Researcher Institution CPHS Number Title of Project
12/08/16 Kenneth J. McConnell, PhD Oregon Health & Science University 15-08-2189 Evaluating Oregon's Medicaid ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations)
11/04/16 Hector P. Rodriguez, PhD & Brent Fulton, PhD UC Berkeley 16-08-2659 Hospital Utilization and Costs in California Before and After the ACA: A Comparative Study
11/04/16 Sujuan Cai, MSN & Beatrice Kuratli, PhD UC Davis 15-03-1931 Health Problems and Utilization During the First Year after Discharge from the Initial Rehabilitation Among Veterans with Spinal Cord Injuries/Disorders
11/04/16 Susan Huang, MD & Shruti Gohil, MD UC Irvine 12-04-0136 Project MAPP: Mapping and Analyzing Patient Pathways
11/01/16 Susan Hutfless, PhD University of LaVerne 16-07-2640 Estimating the Rate of Infections Requiring Hospitalizations after Endoscopy
10/24/16 James P. Marcin, MD, MPH UC Davis 16-07-2637 Evaluation of Pediatric Emergency Department Visits and Hospital Admissions in California
10/24/16 John Capitman, PhD; Kudzai Nyandoro CSU Fresno 12-06-0430 Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality in the San Joaquin Valley
10/24/16 Sidra Goldman-Mellor, PhD UC Merced 16-04-2495 Long Term Health of Adolscent Suicide Attempters: Healthcare Utilization, Morbidity and Costs
10/24/16 Yuyan Shi, PhD UC San Diego 16-02-2428 Availability, Price and Variety of Medical Marijuana and the Associations with Marijuana Dependence and Use
10/10/16 Bryn Mumma, MD UC Davis 15-01-1847 Understanding the Factors Affecting Hospital Performance in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Mixed Methods Study
09/30/16 Jennifer Ahern, PhD, MPH UC Berkeley 13-10-1382 A Rigorous System to Determine the Health Impacts of Policies and Programs
09/23/16 Abigail Koch & Kristin Rankin, PhD University of Illnois at Chicago 15-09-2212 Neighborhood Effects and Racial Disparities in Severe Maternal Morbidity
09/23/16 Natalia Egorova, PhD & Bart Fekert, PhD Mount Sinai 15-08-2197 Long Term Clinical and Economic Outcomes Following Cardiac Surgery
09/23/16 Peter Tuckel, PhD & William Milczarski, PhD The City University of New York, Hunter College 15-03-1915 Hospital Visits due to External Causes of Injury: A Time Series Analysis
09/16/16 Andrew Goldstone, MD Stanford 14-08-1685 Longitudinal Outcomes of Cardiac Surgery in the State of California
09/14/16 Brent Fulton, PhD UC Berkeley 15-05-2044 California Right Care Initiative
09/14/16 John A. Capitman, PhD CSU Fresno 12-07-0477 Environmental Health Evaluation of Rule 4901: Domestic Wood Burning
09/14/16 Laurent G. Glance, MD University of Rochester 16-02-2410 Development and Validation of Quality Measures for Obstetrics
09/14/16 Renee Y.Hsia, MD UC San Francisco 12-04-0073 Factors Associated With the Closure of Emegency Services & Impact on Patient Outcomes; Effect of Employment on Emergency Department Utilization
08/30/16 Karl Kronebusch, PhD The City University of New York, Baruch College 12-03-0027 Racial/Ethnic Segregation in Hospital Care
08/30/16 Ravi Singh UC Merced 16-02-2411 Regional Variation in Hospital Usage for Chronic Conditions
08/18/16 Atul Gupta & Mark Duggan, PhD Stanford 14-09-1720 Impact of the ACA on Hospital Care Utilization and Cost
08/18/16 Peter Cunningham, PhD Virginia Commonwealth University 15-03-1908 The Effect of the ACA Medicaid Expansions on Safety Net Hospital Utilization
08/18/16 Rie Sakai-Bizmark, MD, MPH, PhD LA Biomed at UCLA 16-03-2491 Impact of Pulse Oximetry Screening on Hospital Readmission Rates
08/17/16 Jason Chihung Wang, MD, PhD & Eugene Lewit, PhD Stanford 15-12-2329 An Investigation of ACA Induced Changes in Disparities in ED Use in California
07/19/16 Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH & Elliott Main, MD Stanford 12-04-0157 The California Maternal Data Center: Establishing a Statewide Data Center for Use in Maternity Care Research and Quality Improvement Programs
07/19/16 Tara Russell, MD, MPH & David Zingmond, MD, PhD UCLA 16-01-2385 Evaluating Health Care Utilization Pre-and-Post Liver Transplantation
06/27/16 Askar Chukmaitov, MD, PhD Virginia Commonwealth University 16-03-2472 Accountable Care Organizations: Development, Taxonomy, Qualty & Cost Effects
06/27/16 Ken Zangwill, MD LA Biomed at UCLA 15-06-2007 Evaluation of the Clinical Management and Potential Adverse Events Associated with the Management of Febrile Infants <90 days of Age Suspected of Having Sepsis
06/16/16 George Hatch, MD University of Southern California 15-08-2169 Anesthetic Use and Readmissions Following ACL Reconstruction
06/16/16 Joseph Carey, MD UC Irvine 12-06-0401 California Cardiac Surgery and Intervention Project
05/24/16 Linda Remy, PhD, Jennifer Rienks, PhD & Geraldine Oliva, PhD UC San Francisco 13-02-1077 Longitudinal Study of Hospital Outcomes for California's Children
05/16/16 George Hatch, MD University of Southern California 15-07-2115 Trends in Hip Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Database Study
04/22/16 Rie Sakai-Bizmark, MD, MPH, PhD LA Biomed at UCLA 16-03-2468 Does Regionalization in Cardiac Care Lead to Better Outcomes for Children Undergoing Congenital Heart Surgery
04/21/16 Rie Sakai-Bizmark, MD, MPH, PhD LA Biomed at UCLA 16-03-2468 Regionalization of Pediatric Surgery: GIS-Assisted Location Selection
04/18/16 Christopher Ody, PhD Northwestern University 15-10-2269 Narrow Networks on the Health Insurance Exchanges: What Do They Look Like and How Do They Affect Pricing?
04/18/16 Priva Batra, MD UCLA 15-04-1991 Understanding Postpoartum Emergency Department Care Utilization in California
04/15/16 Aimee Moulin, MD UC Davis 15-11-2290 State of the Safety Net
04/15/16 Mechelle Perea-Ryan UC Merced 15-04-1988 Neonatal Emergency Department Utilization
04/15/16 Natllia Ergorova, PhD, MPH Mount Sinai 15-12-2357 Investigating Epidemiology and Long-Term Outcomes of Infectious Endocarditis
04/14/16 Jaya Khushalani, PhD Virginia Commonwealth University 15-11-2308 Effect of Expanded California Health Coverage on Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment: Implications for ACA Medicaid Expansion
04/11/16 Kevin Cromar & Lars Perlmutt, PhD New York University 15-11-2312 Development of a Nationwide United States Muti-Pollutant Air Quality Index
03/21/16 Corey White; Olivier Deschenes, PhD UC Santa Barbara 14-01-1477 Catching a Cold: The Dynamic Relationship Between Temperature and Health"
03/21/16 Patrick Romano, MD, MPH UC Davis 15-06-2039 Medical Failure-to-Rescue
02/23/16 George Hatch, MD University of Southern California 15-07-2123 Distal Femoral Osteotomy for Correction of Malalignment: A Retrospective Database Study
02/23/16 George Hatch, MD University of Southern California 15-07-2132 High Tibial Osteotomy for Correction of Malalignment: A Retrospective Database Study
02/16/16 Shinjiro Hirose, MD; Jamie Anderson, MD; Yvonne Cheng, MD, PhD UC Davis 15-06-2060 California Pediatric Surgery Quality Improvement
02/12/16 Michael L. Barnett, MD & Ateev Mehrotra Harvard 15-10-2271 Evaluation of the Los Angeles DHS eConsult Program: The Impact of eConsult on Emergency Department and Inpatient Use
02/04/16 Richard Betters, MD; Robinder Khemani, MD, PhD University of Southern California 15-05-2034 Asthma Exacerbation Prediction
01/13/16 Mariano Irace Northwestern University 15-07-2121 Analysis of Persistence in Hospital Choice
01/08/16 Amresh Hanchate, PhD Boston University 15-07-2125 The Effects of Massachusetts Health Care Reform on Access to Care and Disparities
01/08/16 Eduardo D. Zepeda, PhD; Gilbert N. Nyaga, PhD Northeastern University 15-06-2069 Effects of Uncertainty on Patient Care
01/08/16 Lacey Hartman University of Minnesota 13-07-1296 Implementing the ACA Monitoring Framework for the California Healthcare Foundation: Analysis of Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits
01/08/16 Mindie Nguyen, MD, MAS Stanford 14-10-1748 Assessment of Health Care Spending in California Patients with Liver Disease

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