Hospital: Data Sets and Data Products

Listed below are data sets and data products that are derived from reports submitted to OSHPD by hospitals licensed by the California Department of Public Health.

[Note: For other products with hospital data, go to: Emergency Department, Ambulatory Surgery, Quality of Care & Outcomes, and/or Special Reports & Studies.]

Hospital Annual Utilization Data

On an annual basis (calendar year), individual hospitals report facility-level data on services capacity, inpatient and outpatient utilization, births, patients, emergency room use, and capital/equipment expenditures.

Hospital Annual Financial Disclosure Data

On an annual basis (individual hospital fiscal year), individual hospitals and hospital systems report detailed facility-level data on services capacity, inpatient/outpatient utilization, patients, revenues and expenses by type and payer, balance sheet and income statement.

Hospital Quarterly Financial and Utilization Data

On a quarterly basis (every three months), individual hospitals and hospital systems report summary facility-level data on services capacity, revenues and expenses by payer, and utilization by payer.

Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data

On a semi-annual basis (every six months), hospitals submit abstracted information from individual patient records which include data on the patient’s zip code, gender, birthdate, and preferred language; status at admission; diagnoses, treatments/procedures, total charges, and expected source of payment. To protect individual patient confidentiality, data are aggregated into public use files and data products which are available on an annual basis.

OSHPD also uses these data to generate state/county level and individual hospital risk-adjusted outcome (quality) reports and to provide the basis for special studies and reports (see Quality of Care & Outcomes). More detailed, confidential data sets are available to hospitals, local health departments, state/federal government agencies, and academic researchers (see Request Data)

Data Pulse - Why Use Risk-Adjustment?

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