Home Health Agencies and Hospice Facility Annual Utilization Data

Home Health Agencies (HHA) provide at home skilled nursing, personal care and therapeutic services. Hospices provide palliative care and alleviate the physical, emotional, social and spiritual discomforts of an individual who is experiencing the last phases of life due to the existence of a terminal disease. In addition, hospices provide supportive care for the primary care giver and the family of the hospice patient. Home health agencies and hospices submit an annual utilization report to the Office at the end of each calendar year. Beginning in August 2002, home health agencies and hospices began submitting data to OSHPD through a Internet based reporting system known as ALIRTS (Automated Licensing Information and Report Tracking System). Once a report is submitted and meets edit criteria, it immediately becomes available to the public via ALIRTS (Advanced Search). After all individual home health agency and hospice reports are received and approved, OSHPD creates the Home Health Agency/Hospice Data Set from which the following of products are produced.

Complete Data Set

The complete Data Set of annual utilization data reported by home health agencies and hospices contains information on visits, services provided, and gross revenues. The documentation, including report forms, is available for each reporting year.

Important note about preliminary and final utilization data:

Starting with the 2005 annual utilization data file, there will be two phases of data released. The preliminary data file released in the spring will contain data that has passed the prescribed set of fatal errors in the ALIRTS system and was therefore accepted into OSHPD. The second data file released in the fall will be the desk-audited data and is considered the final version of the annual utilization data file. Please note that this preliminary set of data will only be live and downloadable on the web page up and to the point that the final version is released and then the preliminary data file will be replaced by the final data file. The pivot tables will be created in the fall for the desk audited data.


The following trend reports, available for home health agencies only, provide longitudinal utilization information. These reports include information on the number of agencies and patients by ownership as well as the number of visits by principal diagnosis and payer source.

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