Heart Attack Outcomes Reports

Heart attacks (acute myocardial infarctions or AMIs) were chosen as one of the first conditions to be reported upon by the Office because they are important, common, and deadly. Every year approximately 40,000 heart attack patients are admitted to California's 400+ hospitals. More than 5,000 of these persons die. Each 3-year study listed below consists of four volumes and are available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

As an enhancement to the original Heart Attack Outcomes volumes below, individual facility summaries are also available.

User's Guide - Volume 1 provides a brief description of the study background and methods. It also contains two tables that display the results for individual hospitals based on heart attacks that occurred between the time periods listed.

Technical Guide - Volume 2 provides statistical methods used to calculate risk-adjusted death rates.

Detailed Statistical Results - Volume 3 contains the numerical results for individual hospitals upon which the classifications in the User's Guide are based. Included are tables that aggregate the results to the county level. It also contains a graphical representation of both individual hospital and county-wide results, which can be used to examine annual trends.

Hospital Comment Letters - Volume 4 is intended to give readers of the Report on Heart Attack Outcomes an appreciation of its strengths and weaknesses from the hospitals' perspectives.

For more information, contact: HOC@oshpd.ca.gov

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