Hospital Annual Financial Data: Selected Data

Due to the large size of the complete dataset, a selected set of data representing a wide range of commonly used data items, has been created that can be easily managed and downloaded. The selected data file includes general hospital information, utilization data by payer, revenue data by payer, expense data by natural expense category, financial ratios, and labor information.

Selected Data - Calendar Year

To make it easier to compare hospitals by year, hospital reports with report periods ending within a given calendar year are grouped together.

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    Documentation for previous years

    Effective with report periods ended on and after June 30, 2000, the Office's Hospital Annual Financial Disclosure Report was amended to include financial and utilization data associated with patients enrolled in managed care health plans. Specifically, we added Medicare - Managed Care, Medi-Cal - Managed Care, County Indigent Programs - Managed Care, and Other Third Parties - Managed Care. For report periods ended before June 30, 2000, these payer categories were reported under the Other Third Parties payer category. Additionally, we established an Other Indigent payer category that formerly was part of Other Payers. To accommodate the new payer categories, the Office revised its Selected Hospital Annual Financial Data File by adding new fields and deleting others. This means that certain data elements in the revised selected data file are not comparable with the pre-June 30, 2000 data files.

    In July 2001, OSHPD performed an extract of its hospital annual financial database for report periods ended January 1, 1995 through December 31, 1999, and produced updated data files which reflect all corrections made by OSHPD audit staff and hospital representatives. Comparison of the previously released data files with the revised data files may not have a material effect on statewide aggregations, but may have a significant effect on the data for individual hospitals.


Selected Data - Fiscal Year

Beginning in 2000, hospital reports with report periods ending within a given fiscal year (July-June) are grouped together. The hospital reporting form was changed for report periods ended June 30, 2004. As a result, a 2003/04 fiscal year data file and a June 30, 2004 partial year data file that includes this report period was not produced.

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Selected Pages

The data files below, in comma delimited text format (.TXT) and Excel Downloads, contain most of pages 0 through 9 for the stated report period of the Hospital Financial Disclosure Report submitted annually by California hospitals. Excluded due to their length or infrequent usage are: Page 1, Lines 110-320; Pages 3.1, 3.2, and 3.4; and Page 5.1, Lines 255-320.

The full database is available on CD-ROM upon request. To order, please contact the Healthcare Information Resource Center at (916) 326-3802 or E-mail HIRC.

Note: Each Text Download is an average size of 1 MB and each Excel Download is an average size of 1.3 MB each. These files are listed by Report Cycle year and the date range indicates the timeframe for the Hospital's Report Year End date. Thus a calendar year of data for 2006 would fall in cycle year 32.

Documentation for Years 23 - 31 and Report forms(P00.xls through P09.xls) can be downloaded to help choose pages or variables and simplify references to variable names in the data files. The following pages are included in each Download:

Page # Page Contents
0General Information
1Hospital Description
2Services Inventory
3.3Related Hospital Information
4.1Patient Census Statistics
4.2Ambulatory, Ancillary and Other Utilization Statistics
5Balance Sheet - Unrestricted Fund
5.1Supplemental Long-Term Debt Information
5.2Statement of Changes in Plant, Property and Equipment
6Balance Sheet - Restricted Funds
7Statement of Changes in Equity
8Statement of Income - Unrestricted Fund (Operating and Non-Operating Revenues and Expenses)
8.1Statement of Income - Unrestricted Fund (Operating and Non-Operating Revenues and Expenses)
9Statement of Cash Flows - Unrestricted Fund

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