Hospital Annual Financial Reporting Technical Letters

The Office's Accounting and Reporting Systems Section has developed a series of technical letters regarding the uniform accounting and reporting system requirements for California hospitals. The purpose of these letters is to provide timely information to assist hospital financial officers and cosnsultants in meeting these requirements. Please keep in mind that the older technical letters may contain instructions that relate to older annual and quarterly reporting periods, and may no longer be valid. We have elected to include them here to provide a record of all technical letters.

Technical Letters

  1. PRIME payments; Observation Care; Staffed Beds - November 2017
  2. Whole Person Care; cashing out employee paid time off; reporting negative utilization data, patient revenue - December 2016
  3. SB 239 QAF; Other Operating Revenue - other line descriptions - October 2015
  4. 340B Pharmacy Program; LIHP; severance pay; employee bonuses; wound care; patient service with no charge rendered - January 2015
  5. CCS; DSRIP; EHR; policy discounts; administrative adjustment; DSH payment - public and private; IGT; Covered California - REVISED - January 2014
  6. AB 102-20% IGT Fee; Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program; Rural Floor Settlement; Charity Care reported in County Indigent; Hospitalist - September 2012
  7. Section 1115; GHPP; ADAP; uncompensated care pool; MAA; TCM; staffed beds vs. available beds - February 2012
  8. Quarterly vs Annual Report Review - Outpatient Visits - August 2011
  9. Comparison of Quarterly vs Annual Reports - New Comparisons - July 2011
  10. Grants; Medi-Cal Short Doyle; Chargemaster - November 2010
  11. Maternity Data - November 2009
  12. AB 915; SyFHR - October 2008
  13. AB 774 Fair Pricing - August 2007
  14. AB 774 Fair Pricing - April 2007
  15. Section 1011; Eligibility for low income programs; charity care; home office costs; chargeable vs non-chargeable supplies; other operating revenue vs non-operating revenue; - October 2006
  16. Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service (FFS) Plan - March 2006
  17. County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Blue Cross Life - October 2005
  18. Revised Standard Units of Measure (SUM); Live Birth Summary vs No. of Deliveries; Use Concise Label Descriptions; Charity Care Reported in Other Payers; partial charity care - May 2005
  19. Charity Care: Payment Shortfalls; Emergency Department (ED): Trauma Center Designations vs ED License Levels - October 2004
  20. SB 1255; SB 1732; SB 391; SB1179; Healthy Families; Clinical Teaching funds - April 2004
  21. Medi-Cal Outpatient Lawsuit Settlement; Tobacco Settlement Funds; Community Benefit Services Reported as Charity Care; outpatient statistics; Other Indigent vs Other Payer - June 2003
  22. Standard Units of Measure for Non-Revenue Producing Cost Centers; Cost reductions and Minor Cost recoveries - July 2002
  23. Managed Care and New Payer Categories Defined; Capitation Premium Revenue; Purchased Inpatient Services and Purchased Outpatient Services - June 2001
  24. Accounting and Reporting Requirements for Managed Care Payer Categories - December 1999
  25. HQRS, Quarterly Reports - June 1999
  26. Number of Personal Contacts; Average Number of Hospital Employees; Number of Admissions; Average Number of Nursing Personnel; Number of Hours of Nursing Inservice Education - October 1998
  27. Square Feet - July 1998
  28. Quarterly Reporting - October 1997
  29. Quarterly Reporting, Hospital Annual Financial Data Diskette; Medicare and Medi-Cal Provider Numbers - March 1997
  30. Quarterly Reporting, Changes to Annual Report - December 1996

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