Hospital Annual Financial Data

Complete Data Set

The Complete Set of Hospital Annual Financial data contains desk-audited data collected from all acute care hospitals licensed by the State of California. The information collected includes type of ownership, number of beds, balance sheets and income statements, revenues by payer, and expenses by natural classification.

Full versions of the Hospital Annual Financial data are now available in Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 formats for the years below. Due to the large file size, it is recommended to select and save the file on your computer before opening the file.

Please note: Due to the system specifications of Excel 2003, data are transposed to accommodate the large number of fields. Thus, facilities are listed from left to right across the columns and data fields run from top to bottom. Excel 2007 data are presented in a traditional manner with facilities running top to bottom and data fields spanning across columns.

This file was created using Excel 2007. If you are using Excel 97-2003 and are unable to open the downloaded file, you need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Excel File Formats. This patch is available for free at the Microsoft website.

Data Availability

Complete data is available in .txt file format beginning 2nd year (1976-1977) through year 33 (2007-2008). The .txt file format documentation (pdf) is available online for view. The Complete Set in .txt file format is available for purchase on CD-ROM.

If you would like to purchase the data on CD, you can e-mail your request to the Healthcare Information Resource Center (HIRC) or phone (916) 326-3802.

Pivot Profiles

If you need technical assistance, please call HIRC at (916) 326-3802


Data Download

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