Hospital Quarterly Financial and Utilization Report

Complete Data Set

The complete database contains all of the data reported by hospitals. Data for the current year are available by individual calendar quarters. Beginning in year 2000 the individual quarters have been combined into one rolling 4th quarter file. Once the 4th quarter of the current year is posted, then the prior year quarters will be rolled into one spreadsheet file which combines all the Quarterly data for that year.

If individual quarters are needed for prior years, please e-mail your request to the Healthcare Information Resource Center (HIRC) or phone (916) 326-3802.

Sum of Four Quarters Data Set

The files listed below contain updated data which reflect all corrections made by OSHPD audit staff and hospital representatives. Each file consists of one rolling 4th quarter file for the respective calendar year of data. Comparison of the previously released data files with the revised data files may not have a material effect on statewide aggregations, but may have a significant effect on the data for individual hospitals.

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Documentation: 2015 and After
Documentation: 2000 to 2014

Summary Trends

The following file shows recent trends in hospital utilization and financial data. Quarterly Hospital Financial and Utilization data have been aggregated into calendar years (CYs) to produce multi-year trend charts. In addition, some charts describe changes from CY 2014 to CY 2015.

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