Health Workforce Pilot Projects Program (HWPP)

Doctors and Nurses in hallway smiling Dentist providing care to patient

The HWPP Program allows organizations to test, demonstrate, and evaluate new or expanded roles for healthcare professionals, or new healthcare delivery alternatives before changes in licensing laws are made by the Legislature. Various organizations use HWPP to study the potential expansion of a profession's scope of practice to:

  • Facilitate better access to healthcare
  • Expand and encourage workforce development
  • Demonstrate, test and evaluate new or expanded roles for healthcare professionals or new healthcare delivery alternatives
  • Help inform the Legislature when considering changes to existing legislation in the Business and Professions code

Regulations & Statutes

  • California Codes Health and Safety Code Section 128125-128195 establishes the HWPP Program
  • California Code of Regulations Section 92001-92702 provides the definitions and criteria for administering the HWPP Program

Program Documents

Current Projects

#173 Community Paramedicine

#172 Allied Dental

Archived Projects

View a historical listing of all applications submitted for this program sorted numerically and by category.

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