Healthcare Workforce Publications and Reports

HWDD has a variety of publications and reports designed to promote healthcare education and practice throughout the state, including creative healthcare strategies through its pilot projects program.

HWDD Annual Summary
HWDD Annual Summary

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The Annual Summary serves as a review of the activities, accomplishments, and strategies of the Healthcare Workforce Development Division (HWDD) during the fiscal year.

Healthcare Pathways
Healthcare Pathways Newsletter


The Healthcare Pathways quarterly newsletter is designed to inspire readers to pursue health careers, assist in locating challenging and affordable local educational programs, and provide a wide range of informational resources that are necessary to achieve their goals.

Healthcare Pathways
Physician Assistants Report

OSHPD’s Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse Program, in collaboration with the California Academy of Physician Assistants, has released a report examining the results of a 2013 survey of physician assistants (PA) in California. The report includes responses from 3,405 PAs on various topics such as provider demographics, patient characteristics, retirement plans, employment status, specialties, practice sites, student loans, working in underserved areas, and graduation statistics.


Healthcare Pathways
Survey Snapshot: Physician Assistants Report

The Survey Snapshot features data on Physician Assistants including, but not limited to, provider and patient demographics, graduation statistics, practice sites, retirement plans, employment status, and specialties.

Workforce Diversity Report
Diversity Council Final Report

English | Spanish | Fact Sheet

Healthcare Workforce Diversity Advisory Council Final Report.

Publications not in print

Health Workforce Pilot Project Program Reports

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