Sample screen

The example screen shows the format of each task page:

A Module Title
Click to return to the first page in the module.
B Module Lessons
The lesson titles are displayed in the blue bar. The current lesson has a white star next to it. Click a lesson name to go to the first page in that lesson.
C Lesson Tasks
The task titles are displayed in the gold bar. The current task appears in blue text with a star next to it.

Use this task bar to track your progress through the lesson. When you complete a task, its title turns from blue to red. You can click any red title to go back to a previous task.

  Tasks not yet completed appear in gray. You can't click the gray titles to skip ahead, but you can see how many tasks remain in the lesson.
D Arrows
Arrows indicate particularly important items in the example screens.
E Next Page
Most pages in this training require you to click an item in an example screen in order to move to the next page. In this particular example, that item is the Select button. The page contents include instructions on what to click next.

That completes our discussion of the training navigation. We'll continue with the training's purpose and audience.

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