Module 1: Getting Started
This module explains the purpose and structure of this training and how to use it.

It is essential that you complete this module before continuing with the rest of the training.

This module contains the four topics listed to the right.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this module, you should understand:

  • How to navigate the training pages
  • Why OSHPD developed this online training course
  • Which training modules you should complete (and which ones you can safely skip)
  • How your computer setup will affect your training experience
Topics in Module 1

To get started, click “Navigation” above.

In Other Modules
Some of the topics that appear in other modules:

  • MIRCal basics such as logging on and general navigation—see Module 2
  • Instructions for Facility Users—see Module 3
  • Instructions for Designated Agents—see Module 4
  • Instructions for User Account Administrators (user account maintenance functions)—see Module 5
MIRCal application website OSHPD website Topic 1: Navigation