MIRCal is a web-based application that provides a convenient and secure way for healthcare facilities and/or their Designated Agents to submit patient-level data to OSHPD.

MIRCal makes it easier and faster for facilities to submit data to OSHPD and get submission results—usually within 24 hours. MIRCal also shortens the time it takes for OSHPD to provide patient-level data to the public.

MIRCal was developed in response to two specific requirements of SB 1973:

  • Accelerate the collection of data through online transmission.
  • Make data available to the public no later than 15 days after the approval of data.

MIRCal uses “Advanced Technology to accelerate the collection and dissemination of patient level health data” (excerpt from SB 1973). Examples of advanced technology in MIRCal include:

  • Using the Internet to submit data, retrieve submission results, and provide error reports
  • Encrypting data for security
  • Restricting access to MIRCal, through the use of user names and passwords
  • Restricting access to specific functions within MIRCal, through the use of user roles
  • Allowing facilities to repeatedly test their data and correct errors before formal submission, through the use of a “test submission” feature
  • Allowing facilities to enter and submit records directly through MIRCal, through the use of a “web entry” feature
  • Correcting errors online
  • A file format testing feature that verifies if a file meets OSHPD's file specifications and verifies that the file format is set up correctly
  • Allowing facilities to file Extension Requests and No Data To Report verifications electronically

Data Types
MIRCal accepts Inpatient (IP), Emergency Department (ED), and Ambulatory Surgery (AS) data.

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