• You can submit your data either in a data file or by entering individual records directly into MIRCal. If your data contains errors, you can either submit a corrected file or correct individual records online.
  • Test submission is a tool that allows you to test your data before formally submitting it to OSHPD. OSHPD encourages you to take advantage of this feature by repeatedly testing your data well before the report period due date.
  • MIRCal processes your data file through a series of complex editing programs and provides submission results.  Processing could be completed within 2 hours, or up to 24 hours.
  • To log on to MIRCal, you need a user name, a password, and a Microsoft supported version of the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Generally, your facility's Primary Contact will be the contact for all MIRCal-related business: problems, questions, account administration, etc.
  • DAs can only submit files and retrieve submission results. The facility is responsible for correcting data errors.

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