Sample screen

The MIRCal Logon page is displayed.

Use the Main Menu links on the left side of the page to get information about MIRCal without having to log on.

Logon This MIRCal Logon page.
Contact OSHPD OSHPD phone number, mailing address, and email information.
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about MIRCal.
MIRCal Home The MIRCal informational website.
Security Information MIRCal specific security requirements.
Need Help? Access to OSHPD reporting manuals, guides, and other resources.

For security purposes, you need a user name and password to log on to MIRCal. OSHPD or your facility's User Account Administrator will provide you with this information.

User names and passwords are case sensitive. That is, “A” and “a” are different.

If you have trouble logging on, click the LOGON HELP link for help.

In the example, Jane has entered her user name and password.

To continue, click Logon.

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