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All of the MIRCal application pages contain the same three basic elements.

Reporting Profile Header
Each time you log on, you must create a reporting profile, which includes a report period, facility name, and data type. That reporting profile information shows up in this header. Use this information to make sure you're working with the appropriate data type in the appropriate report period.

Menu Options
The Main Menu lists all of the MIRCal functions that you are authorized to use. Access to functions is restricted based on your user type (Facility User or Designated Agent) and roles. Different users will see different menu options. We'll detail some of the functions later in this training, but the main areas are:

LOGOUT Used to exit from MIRCal for security. Inadvertantly closing browser window results in 15 minute timeout before you can log back on.  
FacilityUsed to change the reporting profile.
General Status Displays the Submission Status page, which shows summary information for your data submissions.
Online Submission Used to submit data files to OSHPD or submit No Data to Report.
Web Entry Used to enter individual records online and submit them for processing. For Facility Users only.
Results Used to view summary and detailed error reports. These reports help you identify errors in your data.
Correction Used to add, correct, and submit records online instead of submitting a replacement file. For Facility Users only.
ExtensionUsed to request extension days and check status of request.
User Information Used to maintain user accounts and facility contact information. For User Account Administrators only.
File Format TestingUsed as a tool to assist you in verifying that your file meets OSPHD's file format specifications.
General Information Used to change your user password, log out of MIRCal, and access MIRCal support information.

Work Area
The work area is where status information and data-entry fields are displayed.

Let's review what we've covered in this lesson.

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