Lesson 2: Entering Records Online
In this lesson, we'll walk through using MIRCal's Web Entry feature to enter and submit records online.

Using Web Entry, facilities that do not have the capability to produce file extracts can enter data records directly into an online form and submit the records for processing.

Although you might not use Web Entry to enter and submit your data, you should still complete this lesson. It explains concepts and pages similar to those you will use for online error correction in Lesson 4: Correcting Errors.

Before you can use Web Entry, you need to:

  1. Log on to MIRCal (see Accessing MIRCal in Module 2: Basics for All Users).
  2. Create a reporting profile (see Create a Reporting Profile in this module, Lesson 1).

Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Enter web records directly through MIRCal
  • Correct any blank or invalid errors in your web records
  • View a list of web records
  • Submit web records to OSHPD

Annette is the Office Manager at CBT3, a freestanding ambulatory surgery center. She is responsible for submitting her facility's data to OSHPD. Because her facility does not have a file extract for its data, Annette will use Web Entry to enter and submit all of their records online. She logs on to MIRCal, creates her reporting profile, and that's where this lesson begins.

List of tasks in Lesson 2

To begin, click “Create Web Records” above.

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