Sample screen

Now that you have a basic overview of how the edit programs work, reviewing the Main Error Summary page will tell you which programs your data failed and also gives you a general idea of why your data failed.

Remember, if your data fails the Transmittal Validation, it will be rejected and will not be processed through the other levels of MIRCal editing programs. You need to correct the transmittal errors on your file and then submit a corrected data file to MIRCal.

If your data passes the Transmittal validation program, the next step towards making corrections is determining the exact errors that caused the failure(s).  To do that, you will look at the error reports for the edit programs your data failed.

In our scenario, Jane's file has failed two  programs: the Standard Edit program and the Records with Blank or Invalid Principal Diagnosis program. Now she needs to look at the error reports for those programs to see why her data failed.

To continue, click Error Reports.

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