Sample screen

When planning your error correction strategy, you should consider:

  • Which edit programs your data failed
  • The number of records identified by  error flags

Start at the Main Error Summary page. As we discussed in Lesson 3, each edit program processes your data with different validation logic.

Remember, if your data fails the Transmittal Validation program it will not be processed through the other edit programs. Therefore, you must correct the transmittal errors identified on the Main Error Summary and resubmit your corrected data file.

Take note of the Edit Programs that have failed and are causing your data submission to be rejected.

If you submitted a large data file and many of your records contain errors, it will almost always be easier and faster to correct those errors offline and submit a new data file.

Ultimately, whether you choose to correct errors offline or online will depend on whether your facility wants to maintain a corrected file in-house, as well as your evaluation of the processes to make corrections offline or correcting individual records online in MIRCal.

In our scenario Jane needs to determine the exact errors and identified data that caused the data rejection.  She will begin by using the Standard Edit Summary Report and the Standard Edit Detail Report. To access these reports, click Error Reports in the Main Menu.

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