You've completed Lesson 4: Correcting Errors. Assuming you took the lessons in order, you're done with the ED&AS portion of Module 3: Facility Users.

If you submit only ED or AS data, and you've completed Module 1: Getting Started and Module 2: Basics for All Users, then you're also done with this training. Thank you for taking the time to complete this CBT. For more information about MIRCal, please visit the MIRCal website.

If you also submit IP data, please take the IP lessons if you haven't done so already.

If you'll be performing User Account Administrator functions such as maintaining user accounts and facility contact assignments, you should also complete Module 5: User Account Administrators.

To repeat a lesson in this module, click a lesson title in the list to the right.

Lessons in Module 3
MIRCal application website OSHPD website Lesson 1: Submitting a File IP Lesson 2: Entering Records Online IP Lesson 3: Retrieving Submission Results IP Lesson 4: Correcting Errors ED&AS Lesson 2: Entering Records Online ED&AS Lesson 3: Retrieving Submission Results ED&AS Lesson 4: Correcting Errors