• You can make corrections online in MIRCal or offline in your facility's in-house system.
  • Do not submit a data file after you have made corrections online in MIRCal. The file will overwrite your corrections.
  • If you submitted a large data file and many of your records contain errors, it will almost always be easier and faster to correct those errors offline and submit a new data file.
  • Whether you choose to correct errors online or offline will depend on whether your facility wants to maintain a corrected file in-house, as well as your evaluation of the processes to make corrections offline or correcting individual records online in MIRCal.
  • Some edit programs identify actual errors that need to be corrected, while others identify potential errors, which may or may not need to be corrected.
  • If your file submission fails with Transmittal Validation errors, those corrections need to be fixed on your file and then you must resubmit your corrected file before your data will be processed through further edit programs.
  • The S in an error flag indicates the Standard Edit program identified the error.
  • When you are correcting a record online, it is best to review all of the errors generated by the edit program before you save the record.
  • Use the 'S' correction checkbox on the Record Correction form to keep track of the corrections you've made in a record.
  • To add records online, use either Manual Record Entry or Add Records.
  • All of the online corrections you make in MIRCal are stored together, regardless of the function or page you used to add, correct, or delete the records.
  • To submit your online corrections, use either Submit Records or Submit Corrections. All of the corrections currently saved in MIRCal will be submitted regardless of which MIRCal function you use to submit them.

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