Sample screen

The Record Entry Form is displayed. This form contains the same fields as the OSHPD Inpatient Manual Abstract Reporting Form (1370.IP), which can be used as a helpful tool.

If you need assistance completing the fields,  reference the

  • California Inpatient Data Reporting Manual

OSHPD has many other publications on the web that can provide assistance with your facility's questions. 

Because this form contains many fields, we'll look at it in sections. The example screen shows the top section of the form. The form is divided into the following columns:

A Data Element
The name of each data element.
B Help
Provides a list of valid values for each field or other information to help you complete the field.
C Data Entry
The fields where you enter data.
D Error Flags
The error flags associated with the data you entered in each field. Error flags aren't displayed here until you save the record with validation.

Keep in mind MIRCal's 15-minute timeout security feature. If you need to stop working in MIRCal, make sure you save the record.

In the example screen, Anne has begun entering the data for this record.

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