Before we start looking at specific errors and how to correct them, we'll briefly summarize what we've done in the previous lessons:

  • In Lesson 1, we submitted a data file.
  • In Lesson 2, we entered records directly into MIRCal and submitted them.
  • In Lesson 3, we retrieved our submission results, reviewed the Main Error Summary page, and then viewed and printed error reports for failed edit programs.

Now you need to determine the best way to correct the errors in your data.

If you created your records online (through Web Entry), as Anne did in our scenario in Lesson 2, you must make your corrections online through MIRCal.

If you submitted a data file as Jane did in our scenario in Lessons 1 and 3, you have two options for correcting errors:

  • Offline correction
    You can correct the data in your in-house system, and then submit a new data file through MIRCal.
  • Online correction
    You can correct individual records in MIRCal, and then submit the corrections.

Do not correct records online and then submit a file. Your corrections will be overwritten.

So, how do you choose between making corrections offline or online?

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