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When planning your error correction strategy, you should consider:

  • Which edit programs your data failed
  • Whether those programs identify actual or potential errors
  • The number of records affected by actual errors

Start at the Main Error Summary page. As we discussed in Lesson 3, each edit program identifies a different type of error.

Some programs identify actual errors that need to be corrected, while others identify potential errors, which may or may not need to be corrected.

If you submitted a large data file and many of your records contain errors, it will almost always be easier and faster to correct those errors offline and submit a new data file.

Ultimately, whether you choose to correct errors online or offline will depend on how much time you want to spend correcting individual records in MIRCal.

To determine the exact errors that caused your data to be rejected, use the Error Reports function in the Main Menu to view the edit program error reports for the programs your data failed.

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